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Concrete cities, microchips, life by texting. More than ever we need a muse. Introducing Dramazoid, a Toronto-based band whose mission is to unplug the tech and reconnect you to the humanity of rock and roll. When Dramazoid takes the stage it's a full-on menu of modern and classic rock hits to get you moving and grooving. It's time for Dramazoid - the power of live music that recharges and inspires.



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We are Dramazoid

Vocals / Murray James-Bosch

Guitar / Chris Plater

Bass / Marin Deboveanu

Drums / Corey Dalling

Murray James-Bosch possesses a unique voice with an impressive range that has thrilled audiences around North America for more than 30 years. Well known for his work with the Classic Albums Live series, Murray has toured the US and Canada in addition to performing with many Toronto-area bands through the years. Murray's singing is also easily identifiable in one of Canada's most successful radio and TV commercials: Alarm Force! you can visit his website at to see what else he's up to.

CP got his first guitar when he was 11 and started trying to learn Cream and Zeppelin songs by playing along to vinyl records. Years later he formed a band with some high school classmates. A few gigs and they were the coolest dudes around. After high school, CP got to playing with several bands, gigging at clubs and events all over Ontario. Then life happened and CP put his guitar playing on hold. One day, a fit of inspiration saw him take his guitars out of storage and place them around the living room as interior design accessories. Suddenly close at hand, he had a rejuvinated interest in playing them. It wasn't long before his chops came back and he formed Dramazoid, the perfect band to showcase his shock and awe guitar sound that gets audiences up and cheering.

Debo comes from a far-away land of vampires called Romania, hence his funny accent. A rocker at heart, Debo's exposure to different genres has widened his musical views as evidenced by having recently played bass on GINGA, a world music album by DansBand which is available on iTunes. Debo is always working to be better musically, having played on metal, rock, and world music albums in addition to playing live on various stages both in Europe and Canada. Debo loves playing bass for Dramazoid, and as a vampire he’s inactive and safe. 

Corey has been playing drums for more than 25 years, showing interest in a variety of musical genres. An eclectic mix of progressive rock, heavy metal, rock, funk, and jazz is the backdrop of Corey’s music journey. If it has a kick-ass groove, he's all over it. Corey has toured and recorded with a number of original bands that hail from across Canada and played with too many local bands to list. With a desire to bring something different to the music scene, Corey co-founded Dramazoid with Chris and D to cover an impressive range of music seldom heard in most live music venues. Entertainment, high energy, and a driving back beat are all part of Corey's hallmark performance metrics. He lives to entertain: A sea of outstretched arms, rocking with horns in the air. It's just what the doctor ordered!

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